The Manufacturing Process
The following outlines the process for panel manufacturing for the build up of homes. This process can be replicated in any location worldwide.
1. Cellular Structural Core (CSC) material is a proprietary formulation that is treated and shipped to the Structural Panels Panel manufacturing facility.
2. Non-expanded Core is expanded and cured using an expander within the local facility.

Structural Panel Building Process
The manufacturing and construction of homes will employ a modular building system process. This building process includes:

• Construction with an evolutionary time tested and proven building material.
• Each home is made from completely recyclable material; using no local natural resources – yet at the same time needing little to be imported. The amount of cellulose used per house comes from a maximum of one tree.
• Each home is move in ready, highly ecological, energy-saving structure, which are earthquake-resistant, fire resistant, weather and temperature resistant and can be built in any climate zone.
• Every structure is designed, engineered, tested and certified to meet seismic and hurricane standards. W hen needed structures will be raised to meet flood zone restrictions.
• Fast and simple construction. The extremely simple system for processing of the construction material allows easy fabrication of any kind of module. A 53sq/m home takes nine (9) men less than three (3) days to construct, but as few as 3 people can erect a home.
• Modular construction: Each house consists of panels and can be assembled modular with other houses to make any number of larger units. Homes can easily be expanded to fit additional family needs as financial resources become available.
• Design capabilities are endless. We are able to provide complete design modifications to fit most any condition presented.
• Local materials and labor will be used as much as possible. StructSlab will always strive to be as close to 100% locally employed.
• High immediate capacity. Each facility at start-up has the capacity to manufacture panels for nearly 1,000sq/m per day, 28,800sq/m per month and nearly 336,000sq/ m per year