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Honeycomb panels have been approved for use by:

  • I.C.B.O. International Conference of Building Officials
  • F.H.A. United States Federal Housing Administration
  • U.B.C. Uniform Building Code
  • State of California approval
  • Malaysia SIRIM and BOMBA 1 hour fire Rating
  • Structural Honeycomb panels are over 31 times stronger than required by the U.B.C. Code.
  • StructSlab panels using decorated magnesium oxide board, the panels have been tested at 8 hours of firewall, with no sustained combustion and VB0 rating in terms of fire spread. The panels are therefore completely fireproof. The resin impregnated fiber core will not support flame.
  • The adhesive is non-combustible.
  • StructSlab panels are sound deadening. Average transmission loss (TL) of Sound Attenuation in decibels is 70 using fiber cement face sheets without coating.
  • StructSlab panels are made with proprietary composites to produce panels with high resistance to moisture. This same composites in the core, makes the panels safe from termites, other destroying insects, and vermin. It also prevents the growth of fungus and other molds.
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