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+1.888-407-0599 Mon-Fri 7:00 am 6:00 pm

Cellular Structural Panel Plant 

To meet the numerous challenges presented in establishing localized building products business in the developing world, a conscious effort has been made to structure each facility with simple to operate equipment and eliminating any complex steps in the manufacturing cycle while conserving space and utility consumption.

• Our facilities/products are quickly processed, simple in structure, labor intensive, relatively low cost to establish and operate.

• The raw materials used will consist of locally processed Cellular Core, interior and exterior facings, advanced adhesives and steel support members where needed.

• There is a strong demand for technical innovation within the developing world markets. It is StructSlab’s intent, and a focus; which it is currently involved in, of adding to the technical aspects of innovation for this market. StructSlab will utilize “appropriate technology” as it develops new processes, techniques and materials for integration into its facilities and products. Appropriate technology is defined as those new methods or products that employ the available local resources, and fit with the cultural requirements of the country and or region. StructSlab is in this market to accomplish this goal. StructSlab technology is geared toward target country labor utilization and, preferably the indigenous materials; which will be the most successful and sustainable in the long run.
• In addition to being a major building products manufacturer and home builder, the facility will become a focal point for creating local entrepreneurial businesses.

• Each localized facility is established in a manner to create a process for true technological transfers to the local populations.

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