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+1.888-407-0599 contact@structslab.com Mon-Fri 7:00 am 6:00 pm

The StructSlab approach in any business venture is to provide Affordable Housing while helping to grow the economy in the local communities we are involved in building. All employees and contractors will be local in the building area. All will be trained given a continuous improvement processes to ensure we can build the best quality home and reputation using a best practices approach.  Large Scale/Long term building programs give Structural Panels the opportunity to develop local manufacturing of the products that fit the region for its housing. This enables the Structural Panels partnership to continue to build support companies and employ all local personnel to build and manufacture building supplies. This enhances the local infrastructure of supply. Large Scale/Long term programs also allow Structural Panels/ Partner to secure and ensure exclusivity for some of the proprietary products and design developed for this construction. With this vision always in our focus, we are set on delivering cost effective permanent housing as quickly as possible. We will always make a conscious effort to deliver homes in a manner that is acceptable and within the best interest of local community and its citizens and will always use the best in site/ location and community planning. By working in conjunction with local universities, as well as local urban planners, designers, architects and engineers we will create the safest, effective, and most efficient housing possible, while remaining “culturally” sensitive to the country and region.

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