Testing Composite Honeycomb core material has been tested by Forest Products testing laboratories for more than 30 years. Conical Structural Core is in the final stages of testing in several countries and approved for North American Building Standards. StructSlab Panel is a patented building process that uses a sandwich of MgO skins, Cellular Core and the very strongest adhesives on the planet.

– Performance of Composite Cellular Panels in the experimental test unit for over 30 years indicate that “panels of nominal thickness and construction” can be used for housing construction. Minimum stiffness and strength requirements are easily achieved… even after long-term exposure”. The following tests have been completed per

ASTM guidelines by NTA, Inc. an independent 3rd party testing facility with results are available upon request:

• Compression strength in all 3 axes

• Tensile strength in all 3 axes

• Shear strength in all 3 axes

• Deflection in plane and out of plane of the panels

• Modulus of Elasticity

• Water absorption and loss of strength for above tests

• Load – Deformation curve for panel carrying vertical loads.

• Load – Deformation curve for static in-plane load International affiliates will include structural engineering approvals for seismic, flooding and hurricane.