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Honeycomb Composites, the predecessor technology to Cellular Structural Cores has been tested and approved for use in the United States by numerous governmental organizations. Cellular Structural C ore has been test to ASTM E-72 standards and the MgO skins by numerous other public and private agencies. It is exceptionally strong.

Cellular Structural Core and the StructSlab panels with MgO skin s was shown to meet stringent building code requirements for commercial and residential construction throughout the United States and h as also been approved for use in the European Union and countless other countries. Private agencies that have tested and approved Cellular Structural Core include A.S.T.M., which is the worldwide organization for establishing testing standards that has published 14 reports on composite honeycomb as well as Underwriters Laboratories and numerous public and private educational institutions.

Cellular Structural Core (CSC) is a very similar, yet superior, material in it composition and provides the same properties at a lower cost. – CS C has a very low raw material cost and is made from materials on highly productive and efficient machinery capable of producing m ore than two tons of unexpanded material – 80.92 cubic meters o f expanded material -per hour. The versatility of Cellular Structural Core allows for the manufacture of prefabricated housing, furniture, partitions, and doors without any increase in manufacturing or material handling equipment or the training of personnel.

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